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Whey Better HydroProtein -Lactose Free- The Pure Line – 908g/2lbs


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Whey Better Protein, Lactose Free is a pure blend of whey protein that delivers:

  • 24g of whey Protein per serving of 30g
  • 5,5 g BCAAs
  • 0g sugar, sweetener, flavoring, colorants 


Whey Better Protein, is a pure blend of whey protein with Zero sugar, sweeteners, flavors, colors or any other additive. HydroProtein 80, is lactose free and delivers:

  • 24g of whey Protein per scoop of 30g
  • 5,5g BCAAs
  • 0g sugar, flavoring, colorants




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    Get to know it

    Whey Better no-lactose, is a pure blend of whey protein with Zero sugar, sweeteners, flavors, colors or any other additive. It provides a high protein content of 24g of protein/scoop, which makes it a superfood, when it comes to building lean muscle, assisting muscle recovery after exercise and promoting fat loss.

    Whey proteins for Whey Better are obtained from the production of rennet cheeses, using CFM (cross-flow microfiltration) and ultrafiltration membrane technology. During the production process, enzymes of microbial origin are added, which cause the reduction of lactose in WPC 80 (final lactose is less than 0.15%), through the hydrolysis process. This process guarantees that the whey protein stays intact and pure, with little to no fat and natural sugars .

    Our Whey Better Protein blend:

    • delivers 81% of pure Whey Protein
    • is naturally rich in BCAAs & Glutamine and other amino acids
    • has zero added sugars, sweeteners, flavors, colorants, cholesterol


    To get it

    Because natural whey protein has been recognized as a key ingredient for a “healthy life”. Having an adequate protein intake is important, if you want to maintain a healthy athletic body, build lean muscle mass, recover from exercise, or if you need to eat something with high biological value (BV) to fill the hunger void.

    Research shows that consuming whey protein could help regulate your blood sugar levels and reduce hunger, therefore Whey Better with enzymatic hydrolysis could be a valuable addition to your weight loss program. Moreover Whey Better, contains an incredible range of essential amino acids that promote the recovery of muscle function, boost energy levels, encourage muscular protein synthesis, increase muscle strength and could improve overall athletic performance. Finally, Whey Protein is easily and fast absorbed by the human body, which makes it ideal for post-workout consumption.


    To take it

    Take 1-3 servings  of Whey Better protein daily, according to your personal needs and body goals. For maximum results, make sure to drink 1 of the servings first thing in the morning and 1 serving directly after your workout.

    Serving: Mix 30 g (≈1  heaping scoop ) with 250ml of water (Adjust the amount of liquid according to your preferred consistency and flavor)

    You can mix it with cocoa powder, maple syrup, honey, fruits, almond milk, yogurt, peanut butter or anything you like to make a protein smoothie.  Add it as a neutral ingredient to cookies, cakes, bars, pancakes to increase their protein content

    Nutritional Info

    Values Amount per serving
    Serving Size: 1 scoop(=30 g)  

    Energy value

    494KJ/ 117kcal


    24.42 g

    Total Fat

    1.98 g

        of which Saturated

    1.16 g

        of which Unsaturated

    0.82 g

      of which Trans Fat

    0.0 g



    of which natural sugars

    1.25 g


    0.095 g

    Ingredients: Whey Protein with Enzymatic Hydrolysis -lactose free, instantising: Sunflower lecithin (E322).

    Virtually Zero lactose content (lactose<=0.04%)

    wpc amino