The MUSCLE cube is an ideal collection of products for anyone who wants more muscular volume and improved strength. The MUCLE CUBE includes:

  • MEGA MASS, with 33% Whey Protein+ Complex carbs
  • IMASTER, all in 1 Mass gaining formula
  • CREA MIX ,with 10 types of creatine
  • YES MASTER, natural testosterone booster


When you need results in your mass gaining effort you need more quality calories, more protein, more complex carbs more good fats, more fiber while at the same time you need less sugar, cholesterol and trans-fat.

This is what you are getting with the MUSCLE cube.

We combined products that provide all necessary nutrients, your body will need in order to get β€œBigger muscles”: high quality whey protein, Fibers, complex carbs and vitargo, amino acids, creatine, tribulus terrestris, vitamins &minerals and many more.

The Muscle Cube, also includes 4 gifts (shaker, shirt, boxer and silicon wristband)