Metamorphosis 2kg


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Strength while training and recovery when you don’t, is the key to a muscular and toned body.

  • 1 for all sports
  • 55% Whey protein + Creatine + Complex Carbs + Beta-Alanine 
  • Muscle support and development
  • No bloating
  • Stregnth & Energy during workout
  • Specially designed for CrossFit and MMA trainings.



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Metamorphosis is a sport supplement that will transform your body and how you feel. Combining quality ingredients we managed to create a formula that gives the body just what it needs: more strength and resistance during training and faster recovery after it. It contains whey protein isolate, three types of creatine, amino acids, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. It is suitable for all sports, especially if your focus is on strength training.


Because you need a toned muscular body and metamorphosis could take you there. While training, it gives you more energy to push harder and improves your strength. After training, it accelerates muscle refueling, providing faster recovery of glucose stores than carbohydrates alone. METAMORPHOSIS combines Orotate, Ethyl ester and Alpha Ketuglatarate creatine types, with complex carbs and Whey Protein Isolate, so you can use it to enhance both your speed and your power; hence METAMORPHOSIS is one supplement for all sports.


It contains 55% of pure whey isolate protein (ISO TOUCH 86%). It is a high quality BIO protein that is rapidly absorbed by the body. Iso Touch comes from milk of grass fed cows.


3 types of CREATINE: Tricreatine Orotate, Creatine Ethyl Ester , Creatine-Alpha-Ketoglutarate, form the most advanced creatine Mix for extraordinary results in power strength and endurance and enhanced the muscular mass.


L-Glutamine is an amino acid that helps to maintain body’s muscles, and also it helps in recovery. Intense physical activity, reduces the normal levels of glutamine, thus obtaining 6g of glutamine/scoop imparts more energy, accelerates recovery after the workout and increases muscle building capacity over time.


BCAAs are essential amino acids important for muscle growth and activation of protein synthesis. Metabolized directly in muscle tissue and not in the stomach they are particularly helpful in reducing muscle breakdown, optimizing glycogen stocks and keeping the body in an anabolic state.


Fructose: Also known as fruit sugar. Crystalline fructose is roughly 50% sweeter than ordinary sugar, tastes wonderful and does not raise blood sugar levels like table sugar.
Maltodextrine: Consists of long chains of glucose. It is used in metamorphosis because  the glucose molecules are separated from the chain slowly, increasing the duration and energy.
Beta Alanine: When taken along with creatine, it delays muscle fatigue, enabling stronger and longer training duration. At the same time it increases muscle mass, anaerobic and aerobic endurance.
D-Ribose: Is a carbohydrate used by the body to synthesize nucleotides, ATP, nucleic acids, and glycogen, therefore it plays a key role in energy production for the entire body. It also protects the cardiovascular system and boosts performance in athletes.


Vitamins and minerals are valuable allies of the proper functioning of the body. They help in the metabolism of proteins and enzymes, improve the immune system and support the process of normal development of the body.


Add 50g (= 1,5 scoop) to 250-300 ml of cold water, milk, or your favorite beverage and shake. Take 1-2 Servings daily, according to your needs.

We recommend to take 1 serving first thing in the morning in order to kick-start your day and 1 serving directly after workout, when your body needs the extra energy in order to replenish its reserves and facilitate recovery.

Make sure you don’t consume too close to bed time, because it contains Beta-Alanine. Metamorphosis contains creatine – be sure to drink enough during the day to avoid dehydratation.

Flavors: Chocolate, White Chocolate


Values Amount per Serving % RI
Serving size= 1 scoop(50g)    
Calories 196 kcal /820,62kJ 9,8%
Protein 27,63 g 55,26%
Total Carbohydrates 18 g 6,92%
of which lactose <0,6 g  
Total Fats  1,43 g 2,04%
     of which Trans Fat 0,0 g 0%
     Cholesterol 0,0 g  
Dietary Fibers 1,5 g 5%
Tricreatine Orotate 1.0g  
Creatine Ethyl Ester 2.16g  
Creatine-Alpha-Ketoglutarate 1.0g  
Beta-alanine 1.33g  
Calcium 325mg 40,62%
Iron 0.7mg 5%
Phosporus 200mg 28,5%
Potassium 12.5mg 0,63%
Magnesium 5mg 1,33%
Vitamin B3 10mg 62,5%
Vitamin B6 4mg 100%
Vitamin B8 150mg  
Vitamin B12 6.5μg 100%
Vitamin C 117.5mg 100%
Vitamin D 200mg 100%

%RI: Reference intake is based on a 2000kcal(8400kJ) diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Ingredients:WPC80, calciumcaseïnate, complex carbs mix (Isomaltulose, glucose/fructose mix, dextrins, maltodextrine, oat powder), Tricreatine Orotate, Creatine Ethyl Ester, Creatine-Alpha Ketoglutarate, Beta-alanine, Protibolic, (protease, lactase, lipase) natural flavoring (*), sunflower lecithin, ascorbic acid, steviolglycosides

Chocolate: Defatted cocoa powder (28%), coconut paste, cream aroma*, milk aroma*, vanillin, maltitol, fatreplacer (maltodextrine + whey permeate + sunflower lecithin), maltitol, particles of vanilla stick, (*)aroma on a carrier of L-Glycine and maltodextrine and guargum
White Chocolate: Defatted cream powder (28%), coconut paste, cream aroma*, milk aroma*, vanillin, maltitol, fatreplacer (maltodextrine + whey permeate + sunflower lecithin), maltitol, particles of vanilla stick, (*)aroma on a carrier of L-Glycine and maltodextrine and guargum

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Belgium Chocolate, White Chocolate

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