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Fat Killer for Men 90caps


Fat killer for Men is an advanced fat burner, ideal for the male body. It could help in reducing the percentage of fat, while you can use it as an energy booster, as it increases energy, without causing agitation or nervousness.

Fat killer for Men is an advanced fat burner, ideal for the male body. It could help in reducing the percentage of fat, while you can use it as an energy booster, as it increases energy, without causing agitation or nervousness.


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Get to know it

FAT KILLER is among the newest generation of fat burners. Its composition increases metabolism, promotes reduction of excess fat tissue, inhibits hunger feelings and gives a load-full of energy!

Fat Killer for Men consists of:

  • Extract of Green Coffee
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Salacia
  • Fucus Vesiculosus
  • Sinetrol


To get it

Because it is the ideal formula that could help in reducing the percentage of fat in the male body and could help you to gain a slender, beautifully muscular body shape. Fat Killer for Men:

  • Promotes reduction of fatty tissue.
  • It prevents the formation of new fat.
  • Reduces the feeling of hunger.
  • Increases energy levels.
  • Contributes to balancing blood sugar levels.
  • Protects muscles against damage
  • It is ideal for bodybuilders in the period of muscle sculpting.


To take it

Take 1-3 capsules with a large glass of water before meal to test your tolerance. You can increase to 4 capsules once tolerance is determined. Drink at least 2 liters of water daily. Do not exceed 8 capsules in 24-hours.

Warning: Do not exceed recommended serving. Do not take if you are allergic to one of the ingredients. This product contains caffeine: You should not use this supplement if you are allergic to caffeine, if you are pregnant, or if you have: coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, blood circulation problems, liver disease, kidney disease, a serious infection called sepsis. Some medicines can cause a dangerous decrease in blood flow when used with caffeine. Do not combine with other drugs/supplements.


Totally transparent

Green Coffee extr. is particularly rich in chlorogenic acid, whose function is to inhibit the enzyme, glucose-6-phosphatase, which promotes the formation of glucose (sugar) in the liver. Furthermore, chlorogenic acid slows the absorption of fat from food intake and also activates metabolism of extra fat.

A plant traditionally used in many countries as a stimulant that helps to improve the libido. Today it is known as a booster of the male hormone testosterone and is used in formulations designed to increase muscle mass and tone your muscles. One of the many benefits of increased testosterone levels is that it also increases lipolysis. High testosterone levels not only accelerate muscle development, but also increase metabolism by burning large amounts of body fat.


A genus of plant Celastraceae, containing polyphenols such salacinol, kotalanol, andmangiferin, that have antioxidant properties and are inhibitors of a-glucosidase. A-glucosidase is an enzyme which normally converts carbohydrates into glucose, which is used as energy in the body, or it is converted into fat.

A seaweed of the coasts of the North Sea, the western Baltic and the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. It is a major source of iodine. The body uses iodine to make the thyroid hormone, which manages the body’s metabolism. The fiber of algae swell in the stomach occupying a large volume, accelerating satiety and ultimately reducing the nutrient intake, and it also accelerates the process of digestion.

A unique patented synergetic blend of citrus fruits such as oranges, blood oranges and grapefruit, with caffeine and guarana extract. Sinetrol acts as a fat burner that stimulates the release of free fatty acids (FFA) from the adipocytes and inhibits the activity of phosphodiesterase (PDE), which increases the catabolism of triglycerides from fat cells.

Nutritional Info

Values Amount per 1 cap
Serving size: 4caps  
Green coffee seed dry extract(caffeine, polyphenols, chlorogenic acids, acid 5-cafeylquinic) 133mg
Tribulus Terrestris (40% sterolic saponines, 20% protodioscin) 130mg
L-carnitine mix 130mg
      L-Arginine HCL 65mg
      L-Arginine AKG 65mg
Vitamin B12 13mcg
Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG) 100mg
Salacia Reticulata  (a-Glucosidase inhibitors Salicinol and Kotalanol) 100mg
Citruline Malate 100mg
Fucus Vesiculosus 100mg
Citrus mix (Sinetrol) 100mg

Ingredients: cellulose(Hydroxypropyl Methycelluse). No fillers – NO magnesium stearate. VEGAN capsule.