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Diet Ice-Cream Mix 500g



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Diet Ice Cream Mix puts everyone's favorite frozen treat back on the menu. Even if you are on diet, this low fat, ice cream mix is a delight that you will indulge in without any guilt. This high protein formula allows you to simply make up your own protein ice cream with 50g of whey protein per serving. Each 100g serving makes up 400ml of delicious ice cream.

  • Guilt free dessert
  • Low fat
  • No sugar
  • GMO free


Beacuse it is the perfect way to enjoy a delicious dessert, whithout cheating on your diet.

Diet Ice Cream Mix increases your protein intake with 50g of quality Whey protein per serving, while it contains fiber, vitamins, has really low sugar and zero trans-fat. As we all know, Whey protein has a full amino acid profile and is being digested by the body really quickly. So Protein Ice-cream will contribute to the growth and maintenance of lean muscle, especially when combined with training and a clean diet.

Give into your cravings without giving up on your diet.


Every time you feel the need to savour a delicious dessert.

Add 3 scoops=100g of the ice cream mix with 300ml of cold milk of your preference(dairy, coconut, almond, soy.. etc.) Mix at high speed for 5 minutes. Let rest for 10 minutes and drop it in the icemaker.
Alternatively, put it directly in the freezer. TIP: If you want to make the ice cream softer and creamier, mix it with a spoon every 30-40 minutes for the next 2 hours.(This is optional)

You can also make ice cream lollipops with fresh fruit, or add Greek yogurt for a tasteful frozen yogurt