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This is the absolute pack for men and women that workout and they are looking into shedding some weight or they need to decrease fat levels.

The CUTS CUBE includes:

  • ISO TOUCH 86% Real Isolate Whey Protein
  • Fat killer v2, lipotropic without caffeine
  • Fat Killer with L-carnitine, fat burner
  • Diet X, appettite suppresant

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Losing weight is a difficult process. The CUTS cube is the ideal set of supplements that that will support your active lifestyle and will help you stay in track with your diet.

The CUTS cube has been designed using a scientific approach. In order to promote optimal fat loss, you need a high protein, moderate carbs & fat diet with a calorie deficit and this pack will help you make it happen.
We combined fat burners (fat killer version 2 and fat killer L-carnitine) that will help you burn stored fat, with appetite suppressant (diet X with glucomannan) and pure 86% Iso Touch whey protein that will keep protein intake high and will tone your muscles.

If you find yourself constantly in diet, then the CUTS pack is what you need in order to achieve your body goals.

The Cuts Cube, also includes 4 gifts (shaker, shirt, boxer and silicon wristband)



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