6Pack Cube


You want a shredded six-pack?

That’s not easy, but we combined a set of products that will help you to get a 6 Pack. 

The 6 pack cube includes:

  • ISO TOUCH, 86% isolated whey protein
  • FAT KILLER for men
  • ZMA
  • OMEGA 3


Having a great set of abs is like the Holy grail of fitness. It is hard to achieve it & everyone wants it. The only way to have shredded abs, is to exercise properly and to take good care of your diet.

What does that mean?

To reveal your abs you need to shed fat while maintaining muscle. In order to lose fat “the right way”, you need to focus on the total amount of calories you are eating each day, while keeping a high protein intake(which will protect your current muscle mass from catabolism), and a low carbohydrate and fat consumption.

The 6 pack cube contains products that will help you to tone and maximize your current muscle mass (protein, glutamine and ZMA) and products that will help you to burn excess fat tissue (Fat Killer for men and omega3’s).

The 6 Pack Cube, also includes 4 gifts (shaker, shirt, boxer and silicon wristband)