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Poulikos Tsagkrakos



Poulikos Tsagkrakos is Greek Champion in boxing from 2001 and he is the only Greek professional boxer of AIBA(APB). He counts several victories, in every category he ever competed(boys, adolescents, B men category). Of course, now that he is competing in the A class of men, he keeps improving and winning awards. During the past years, Tsagkrakos has won 1st place in the National league, which is the largest Greek organization, 5 times. Moreover, he is a member of the Greek National Team since 2001 and become a captain in 2008. Along with the National team, he won several medals in international tournaments in Italy, Spain, Poland, Cyprus, etc. and a 5th place at the World Junior Championship in 2004.

Tsagkrakos is one of the 8 best boxers in the world that AIBA – BMA chose to participate in the professional competition APB(AIBA PRO BOXING). He is the only Greek Boxer who participated in this competition

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