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Elli Fountoukidou



Elli Fountoukidou is a powerlifting and calisthenics athlete. She took the second place in women’s strength category in the Greek National Calisthenics Championship of WCWSF (July 2023) and she also competed in the World Calisthenics Championship of WCWSF in Riga (August 2023) were she took the 5th place. In the powerlifting scene, she has competed multiple times both in the IPF/HPF federation and the IPL/GPL federation and she has also hit a few national records :2022: Deadlift 117.5kg U47 women2022: Bench press 62.5kg U47 women2023: Bench press 65kg U52 womenShe also achieved the 3rd place in women’s overall in Greek National Cup (IPF/HPF) (June 2023). Apart from sports, Elli has a degree in Computer Science from University of Nicosia and she has also attended GRAFTS -personal trainer school. Next competition goal is the Greek National Competition of IPL/GPL in Athens next November. 

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