We have the imagination, vision, knowledge, laboratories, a manufacturing line and raw materials to produce top quality fitness products. But none of these could be compared to our level of…PASSION for sports and high performance. We offer high quality products because of our passion to personally perform better and get real results


In Gold Touch Nutrition our mission is to help you meet your health, fitness and appearance goals through high quality supplementation. Our products have been formulated to the highest standards with high-quality, effective ingredients, with NO proprietary blends, or junk fillers/additives, so that you know exactly what you're putting in your body. Thus we can guarantee that when combined with the right workout and nutrition program gold touch nutrition supplements, will help you reach your goals.


All our products are manufactured from superior raw materials, which are subjected to state of the art quality controls and they all individually have , well documented effects, proven by clinical studies .
Moreover our production process is based on strict quality control and assurance standards, and is in full compliance with the latest regulatory requirements. We manufacture in an FDA registered facility and our final products are certified by: ISO 22000, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), HACCP, EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).



Our scientific research team is highly specialized to review the latest research on various ingredients and herbs. Ingredients used in Gold Touch Nutrition supplements, have many different effects and working mechanisms and their biochemical/biological pathways are very different, however, they have been combined to work in synergy with each other, complementing each other, strengthening the over-all positive effect of body management.


We are the first company that used milk from grass fed cows to produce protein that is organic, healthy and actually good for your body. We strongly believe that you are what you eat and that is how we roll!

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